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The Tale of LaMaggie
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Below are the 20 most recent journal entries recorded in Miggy's LiveJournal:

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Saturday, April 16th, 2005
3:22 am
its all fucking bullshit...like people with honest skill and creativity are so unappreciated...its like those with honest to good ideas are a threat...thats so fucked up...its not like that in the real world...the world thrives on creativity...not some washed up rubbish...its amazing how truly stupid people are...omg...i love that dress...omg...its such a piece of crap...what the fuck would you know...people are so intolerable I wish I could slap then and knock some sense into them...its so upsetting...i feel retched and disgusting...how could this have possibly happened??!?!
Friday, February 11th, 2005
2:51 pm
someone tell me...
why is it so wrong for me to able to be happy? to be confident in what I know and what I want to be? why is it you cant face the truth. why is it that people have to have things sugar coated? why is it ok for me to be treated like shit when Im a hard worker, know what I want for my career and the rest of my life but those little weasels get everything they want? what gives any person the right to make me feel this way? are you intimidated by me? if you are thats not my fault, you're the one fucked. I may not be the prettiest boy, the skinniest boy, but you know what, I have more brains than you could ever have. I AM MORE POWERFUL THAN YOU. you are nothing...but for right now I have to deal with you...
Tuesday, November 9th, 2004
11:32 am
London, here I come!
I am only a semester and half away from being in London for a year...I thought long and hard and I think being in London is the best thing for me, especially since I want to grow...staying here just wont do anymore...its not my friends, its not my family...its just this enviornment...theres nothing in Texas, hell the United States for me right now but my friends and family and they want me to go...I just wish I was on a flight tommorrow, but I will have to wait till August...only a couple more months away...
Wednesday, November 3rd, 2004
2:40 am
*pulls out hair*
we are so screwed, its not even funny...
Friday, October 8th, 2004
1:14 am
So this semester is quite a hoot...damn I have quite a bit of shit to do all day tommorrow and hell all this weekend, but not before I have a little fun. Im quite excited. Me and some friends from work are going to Joe's Volcano, I mean really...hehe...Me at Joe'S?! Come on, why the hell not!??! Insomnia was fun and we know what happened last time this fag wound up at a straight bar. Maybe this time I might actually wake up next to a girl. COULD YOU IMAGINE!?!

Report to follow, over and out...

Monday, September 27th, 2004
3:43 pm
And can you believe miss thing that it is nearly the half-way point of the semester. So here's the run-by play: Thus far Im doing ok, not great, but at least its midway to good. At this point last year I had missed an odd number of classes in two different classes (Apparel 1 and Fashion Illustration 1..hehe), but this time around this really isnt the case, well all except Dimensions of Wellness, but my sir, that is not the most important class in the world. However, in Yoga Im doing pretty awesome, Ive made all a's on the quizzes thus far and havent missed a class yet which means I could be exempt from the final, yay! Work is going horrible. I cant stand it anymore. I really dont like the fact that I have to work with people that are not at my level or a higher level. I cant stand having to do other people's work, work harder because people cant get it right the first time, and generally just work with a bunch of morons. But I have to suck it up because im getting paid and it happens everywhere. Im contemplating applying at Guess. I would love to work with Andre and Guess would be a totally new experience that I think I need. I figure its at least a bit fashion-foward with its tippy-toes on being tacky and horrible, but hey, what retail chain isnt like that? hehe...*remains quiet* Im a bit tired, but its nothing I cant handle. Im stoked because many opportunities are going to be opening for me soon and Im quite excited. I think Im going to be making this upcoming year all about traveling: DALLAS, NEW YORK, LONDON: HERE I COME! Thanks for all the support, it means alot to me. I may not make the Dean's List, but at least I wont be failing some classes, and Im fine with that.

Shit, I need to check up on financial aid. Money is a part of my life, not my WHOLE life. I will not be runned by money and debt. I will not turn away any experience because I couldnt afford it. Not ever again. This is mine and you cant take it away from me!

Friday, September 24th, 2004
9:08 am
Thursday Night
*Ice cream social
*Jack and coke
*Beautiful conversation
*Gucci bag...no not Bucci
*Straight boys
*Crown and coke
*Club Insomnia

Monday, September 6th, 2004
8:36 pm
I just hate the feeling that your best is never good enough. I feel this more than anything when it comes to school. Yea I make the grades (well now I do, not before) but, making the grades doesnt pay for school. I really wish they could give me back my scholarship, that would help me out quite a bit. I work too, but its not enough. Working only 8 hours a week doesnt pay the bills ( yes i have credit cards and lots of them, and I pay for them myself, I just dont charge it up without having paid for them first)and Ive told my work time and time again that I need more and that Im worth the hours unlike some people, but yet again I look at my schedule Im only scheduled for 10 hours. It doesnt help that Im taking 18 hours and also have a work study position. Having both takes away hours that I could be working, but I need both. One to graduate and the other to help pay for school. I just really hate how hard this school makes it to attend. I know what I want out of life, more than most people, but Im having the hardest times. I dont have the luxury of being able to pull out loans left and right like most people do, because I dont have enough credit (can you fucking believe this?) and because my mom is bankrupt and my grandpa has too much going out and not enough coming in. I think its absurd. Im not gonna drop out of school, that would be useless, no matter what I will always have to deal with the dilemma of paying off school...FUCKING UIW...
Tuesday, August 10th, 2004
2:33 pm

*jumps up and down*
Friday, August 6th, 2004
8:57 pm
ohhhhhhhh yea!

coming to a boutique near you in F/W 2014...

could you imagine...
Saturday, July 31st, 2004
10:14 pm
This is how its going to be...P2
so I was talking about my mom...when I was younger she also made it apparent that she thought I didnt need my dads help so she refused any child support...well I think this to be the root of all my financial problems. While Im not poor and have gotten alot of things I truly cherrish, not having alot of money has blocked my chances in accomplishing many of the things and events that I have wanted to experience. I would always try to save, but then something would come up and I would have to use what little I had in savings to pay. This scares the shit out of me...all these fears have driven into me that I have to work harder than ever, whilst not even making all that great of money. Trying to improve yourself and having to work just do not go hand-to-hand. Ive tried it before and I wound up flunking some classes and suffering from exhaustion. Not to mention I lost alot of weight. I just really need to admit that I put way too much emphasis on my future and my predicaments...I need to focus on the present and try to take everything bit by bit..theres just so much dwelling in my brain from work, to the fear of diabetes, to the anxiety of my self-image...its just making me crack so much that I tremble when I try to go to sleep. Being in an accident didnt help all that much either.
10:04 pm
this is how its going to be..P1
Im back at work and Im enjoying it and school will be starting soon so Im a bit excited, but I still cannot run away from these feelings and its scaring me. Ive talked to my mom about what Im experiencing and she thinks it may be depression with a mixture of panic attack disorder and irritable bowel syndrome. Im scared as shit if this is the case. I dont know whats happening to me physically and mentally. I have all these hopes and dreams, ideas and fantasies, but I still lay in bed wondering if I will be able to pay my bills, if the truck I use will clunk...but most importantly I think so much about my future. Ive never had a positive outlook on myself. I may have goals and dreams, but I always counter the positivity with negative attributes. I think everything that happened to me in high school is also catching up to me. I was so depressed in high school...I literraly felt alone. True, I didnt like many of the people that attended SCHS, but the few I did choose to talk to never wanted to hang out outside of school. When we did travel in to places at school I was always the one by myself in the back of the vehicle. I told em I was ok, but really I was hurting inside...Why didnt anybody want to hang out with me or really talk to me? Im a nice person, Im very giving and Im very open, and Im extremely helpful. I can easily say in high school I was walked over. And dont even get me started on the sexuality. While I was proud of who I am, most people didnt actually appreciate my honesty. Yes, I was the fag in high school that was beat on and called names, but I went on with my day and just went home and cried myself to sleep. Theres just so much that has gone on in my life...not only just high school but the fact too is that Ive really never known a father...the one I was blessed with decided to leave when I was young and In ever heard back. And when I was young my mom left as well with her second husband leaving me with my grandparents. Well I still had an amazing family it just hurts to konw that the two most important parts of a persons family basically abandoned me. Me and my mom are cool now, but I still hold this deep in my heart...
Sunday, July 25th, 2004
9:54 pm
oh dear...
start rant/

if I have IBS Im gonna be majorly pissed...I always told myself that there were a couple of things I could control in my life and one of those things was definately my bowel movements...these periods of constipation and then diarrhea are ridiculous...and now I cant even control my emotions, nor what I think inside my head...but hey Im still having fun...god what does it all mean...

my insurance really needs to kick in, I need to see a doctor ASAP...

end rant/
Friday, July 23rd, 2004
3:26 am
oh yea!
what are you wearing?a white tshirt and blue shorts...and of course underwear
what's the nicest thing about you?I have a glittering personality
if you could have more of something, what would it be?money, time, relaxation
do you like your arm's?would you like hairy, flabby arms? No...I dont think so
what personality trait do you love the most about me?you're so sweet you gave me a toothache...oh snap! CLUELESS!
what personality trait do you love the most about an lj friend?sincerity, intelligence, fashion sense
what would be your ideal job or jobs?John Galliano's assistant and a member of his design team at both Dior and his signature line...and I would also like to develop Dior marketing and merchandise their boutiques...I dont dick around when it comes to Dior
do you use lj as a way of procrastinating?of course
do you like to travel?why not?
do you like your ass? its getting to its maximum success rate
when did you first use a computer and why?I was in the fourth grade and well we had to learn about computers
are you a feminist? what's your opinion on the subjectsure I am...Im not exactly the most manly man, but I believe my sisters are important...they arent just pieces of meat...
do you hate walmart? I do!FUCK YEA I HATE WALMART! TARGET ALL THE WAY!
do you work in an office?nope
how many kids if any?none
consider yourself lucky?sometimes
are you a domnestic goddess or are you challenged? (a.k.a. messy)a lil bit of column a and a lil bit of column b
what types of creative things do you do or have you done?write poetry, design in my head (I lack the ability to sketch)
vegetarian or carnivoire?straight up carnivoire in every sense
lover or fighter?lover
slightly neurotic?not necessarily
favorite t.v. show?All My Children...do0d, my husband Jacob Young is on that show...
recently read magasine?you misspelled magazine...I refuse to answer this question...shame on you!
best movie you have seen recently?anchorman...I laughed till I cried...and then I ate some skittles
vibrator owner? or home owner? or both?neither...although the thought of getting a dong has crossed my mind
what's your sign?the bull...hehe...and I totally live up to it both in weight and mentality...heh
favorite color?black
have you enjoyed the quiz?absolutely
phase of mentraul cycle?dont surf the crimson wave, but hey Im a bitch every second week of the month
been in love more than 10 times?na...but Ive masterbated more than 10 times...thats self-love

Create a survey!
Saturday, July 17th, 2004
10:05 pm
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Saturday, June 19th, 2004
9:21 pm
*le sigh*
undue stress kiks my ass...
Sunday, June 13th, 2004
6:55 pm
*le sigh*
This summer break sucks...I would rather be back at the campus than back here at home. I hate not having a car (fuck a bunch of careless drivers who do not understand the concept of yielding and merging to the appropriate lane)and not being able to go to a job that pays me fairly well...I could be in a worse situation which Im thankful Im not, but I would be much happier in something other than what I exist in now. I really want school to happen now, at least then my time would be going towards something more productive. I just hate the feeling of being useless. Get a lil summer job they say, HA! Where?! No one will hardly hire someone thats going to be leaving soon anyways to go back to school, I think they would much rather have someone that will be able to lengthen their stay. I don't know Im probably looking in all the wrong areas. God I hate this. Im rotting...

Yes...Im bitter...

I miss my girls...:*(
Thursday, May 20th, 2004
3:45 pm
You are house!
You are house!

What kind of techno music are you?
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but alas, House is not techno...duh George...I mean really...come on! :-P just a lil bitter.

On to eating at Cheesecake Factory and drinking it up at the Bonham! Good, wholesome birthday times!

<3 Miggy
1:21 am
I am now officially 21!

now for the go0d times!

y4y for go0d times :-D
Sunday, April 11th, 2004
8:25 pm
I have to say by far this has been the best semester of school I have ever had...Im really freaking proud of myself and Im on cloud nine...I honestly think I could make the Dean's List for the very first time (and hopefully not the last)! thanks for all the support...it means alot! :-)
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