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And can you believe miss thing that it is nearly the half-way point of the semester. So here's the run-by play: Thus far Im doing ok, not great, but at least its midway to good. At this point last year I had missed an odd number of classes in two different classes (Apparel 1 and Fashion Illustration 1..hehe), but this time around this really isnt the case, well all except Dimensions of Wellness, but my sir, that is not the most important class in the world. However, in Yoga Im doing pretty awesome, Ive made all a's on the quizzes thus far and havent missed a class yet which means I could be exempt from the final, yay! Work is going horrible. I cant stand it anymore. I really dont like the fact that I have to work with people that are not at my level or a higher level. I cant stand having to do other people's work, work harder because people cant get it right the first time, and generally just work with a bunch of morons. But I have to suck it up because im getting paid and it happens everywhere. Im contemplating applying at Guess. I would love to work with Andre and Guess would be a totally new experience that I think I need. I figure its at least a bit fashion-foward with its tippy-toes on being tacky and horrible, but hey, what retail chain isnt like that? hehe...*remains quiet* Im a bit tired, but its nothing I cant handle. Im stoked because many opportunities are going to be opening for me soon and Im quite excited. I think Im going to be making this upcoming year all about traveling: DALLAS, NEW YORK, LONDON: HERE I COME! Thanks for all the support, it means alot to me. I may not make the Dean's List, but at least I wont be failing some classes, and Im fine with that.

Shit, I need to check up on financial aid. Money is a part of my life, not my WHOLE life. I will not be runned by money and debt. I will not turn away any experience because I couldnt afford it. Not ever again. This is mine and you cant take it away from me!

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