Miggy (theemigs) wrote,

oh yea!

what are you wearing?a white tshirt and blue shorts...and of course underwear
what's the nicest thing about you?I have a glittering personality
if you could have more of something, what would it be?money, time, relaxation
do you like your arm's?would you like hairy, flabby arms? No...I dont think so
what personality trait do you love the most about me?you're so sweet you gave me a toothache...oh snap! CLUELESS!
what personality trait do you love the most about an lj friend?sincerity, intelligence, fashion sense
what would be your ideal job or jobs?John Galliano's assistant and a member of his design team at both Dior and his signature line...and I would also like to develop Dior marketing and merchandise their boutiques...I dont dick around when it comes to Dior
do you use lj as a way of procrastinating?of course
do you like to travel?why not?
do you like your ass? its getting to its maximum success rate
when did you first use a computer and why?I was in the fourth grade and well we had to learn about computers
are you a feminist? what's your opinion on the subjectsure I am...Im not exactly the most manly man, but I believe my sisters are important...they arent just pieces of meat...
do you hate walmart? I do!FUCK YEA I HATE WALMART! TARGET ALL THE WAY!
do you work in an office?nope
how many kids if any?none
consider yourself lucky?sometimes
are you a domnestic goddess or are you challenged? (a.k.a. messy)a lil bit of column a and a lil bit of column b
what types of creative things do you do or have you done?write poetry, design in my head (I lack the ability to sketch)
vegetarian or carnivoire?straight up carnivoire in every sense
lover or fighter?lover
slightly neurotic?not necessarily
favorite t.v. show?All My Children...do0d, my husband Jacob Young is on that show...
recently read magasine?you misspelled magazine...I refuse to answer this question...shame on you!
best movie you have seen recently?anchorman...I laughed till I cried...and then I ate some skittles
vibrator owner? or home owner? or both?neither...although the thought of getting a dong has crossed my mind
what's your sign?the bull...hehe...and I totally live up to it both in weight and mentality...heh
favorite color?black
have you enjoyed the quiz?absolutely
phase of mentraul cycle?dont surf the crimson wave, but hey Im a bitch every second week of the month
been in love more than 10 times?na...but Ive masterbated more than 10 times...thats self-love

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