Miggy (theemigs) wrote,

*le sigh*

This summer break sucks...I would rather be back at the campus than back here at home. I hate not having a car (fuck a bunch of careless drivers who do not understand the concept of yielding and merging to the appropriate lane)and not being able to go to a job that pays me fairly well...I could be in a worse situation which Im thankful Im not, but I would be much happier in something other than what I exist in now. I really want school to happen now, at least then my time would be going towards something more productive. I just hate the feeling of being useless. Get a lil summer job they say, HA! Where?! No one will hardly hire someone thats going to be leaving soon anyways to go back to school, I think they would much rather have someone that will be able to lengthen their stay. I don't know Im probably looking in all the wrong areas. God I hate this. Im rotting...

Yes...Im bitter...

I miss my girls...:*(
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